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These days, the concept of record labels and bands being on indies versus majors has all but faded away with the advent of the internet and easy, cost-effective methods to self-distribute music. Back in day, bands would strive to get signed and often be presented with the decision of staying on a small indie label or heading to a major label, most likely gaining more fame and wealth but a the cost of their artistic integrity.



In 1928 a Pow-wow doctor  by the name of John Blymire believed he was hexed by another Pow-wow doctor named Nelson Rehmeyer. Blymire and two of his associates killed Rehmeyer, and the subsequent trial drew national attention as people were shocked to


Gravitas Picks up Sneaker Doc SNEAKERHEADZ

Gravitas Ventures announced today that they have acquired David T. Friendly and Mick Partridge‘s documentary Sneakerheadz, which takes a look at the hobby/obsession/addiction of sneaker collecting. The doc was picked up after premiering at this year’s SXSW and will be released day and date

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Music is universal. It crosses borders. It breaks through language barriers. It creates a sense of community. One can get a sense of just how popular a style of music is just by looking at English-speaking artists who are selling out venues in foreign countries where English isn’t even the native language. It doesn’t matter if they don’t understand the words because the people like the sound, and somehow they connect with it.


Rodney Ascher’s THE NIGHTMARE Acquired by Gravitas

One Sundance film I was really bummed to miss was Rodney Ascher‘s (Room 237) latest, The Nightmare. This horror documentary takes a look at people that suffer from sleep paralysis, an affliction in which people who are sleeping “regain consciousness but are

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Within the first 10 minutes of Denny Tedesco’s music doc, The Wrecking Crew, it seemed like I was watching one of those Life Magazine infomercials for a music collection. I was being bombarded by bite-sized chunks of hits songs from the ’50s and ’60s, accompanied by low-res footage and ancient-looking interviews. After looking into the creation of the film, I learned that this was actually completed in 2008 and is just now being released in theaters and on VOD, due to licensing issues with the ridiculous number of pop songs featured in the film.


SXSW 2015: MADE IN JAPAN Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming documentary Made in Japan, which will be making its premiere at this year’s SXSW Festival in Austin. The film, directed by Josh Bishop and narrated by Elijah Wood, chronicles the life of Tomi Fujiyama, the first female

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The documentary My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn acts as a behind-the-scenes look into the life of the director behind the critically acclaimed film Drive, which starred Ryan Gosling. While its goal is to present an intimate look into the life and career of Refn, the film – shot by his wife, Liv Corfixen – only gives us a small peek behind the curtain and ends up feeling much more like a DVD extra than a fleshed-out documentary.


Tribeca 2015: SNL Doc LIVE FROM NEW YORK! To Open Festival

In celebration of the show’s 40th anniversary, the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival will premiere Live From New York!, a documentary about Saturday Night Live, on its opening night.

Director Bao Nguyen explores the cultural icon that is SNL, as well as its history,


Kickstart Sunday: LIVING LOS SURES

This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from the UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art in New York City and the upcoming documentary project Living Los Sures. More than just a restoration of the original 1984 documentary Los Sures, this multi-layered project combines short

Sundance Winner THE WOLFPACK Gives Thanks with 4 Clips

Sundance Winner THE WOLFPACK Gives Thanks with 4 Clips

Crystal Moselle‘s film The Wolfpack just won the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and the subjects of the film, The Angulo Brothers, prepared a thank you for the festival by recreating past winners in their own unique


Alex Winter’s Silk Road Doc DEEP WEB Gets a Trailer

The first trailer for Alex Winter‘s (Downloaded) upcoming documentary Deep Web has been released, which delves into the darker reaches of the internet and explores the Bitcoin phenomenon as well as the infamous Silk Road web site and the subsequent trial of its