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Sundance 2018: THE CATCHER WAS A SPY Review

Woven together as they are, without contextualization or a more dramatic arc, what’s left is only a somewhat interesting story about a somewhat interesting man that fizzles out with a somewhat of a whimper.

rbg_1 8.5

Sundance 2018: RBG Review

Cohen and West take a non-linear approach to telling RBG’s life story, interspersing both old and new interviews and testimonies with file footage and home videos, and they punctuate major milestones in her life with benchmark cases and political movements.

death-of-stalin 8

Sundance 2018: THE DEATH OF STALIN Review

The film’s high-brow, blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em gags blend seamlessly with the visual humor and physical bits. If you’re a fan of HBO's Veep, you will have a sense of what to expect with Stalin.

invt_india 7

Sundance 2018: INVENTING TOMORROW Review

With what could have been a rather boring subject, considering so much of it was scientific jargon, Nix was able to breathe life into the students’ projects and deliver a compelling, engrossing picture from their teenage perspectives.

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Sundance 2018: HALF THE PICTURE Review

Half the Picture, a documentary from director Amy Adrion about the lack of women directors in television and feature films, centers on the male-dominated entertainment industry from the perspective of some of the women who have struggled to realize the same professional


Mary’s Top 10 Films of 2017

It’s that time again; it’s time to share our year-end lists for the best in cinema, and, as usual, here’s my ranking for the best installment from each genre. Sadly, there is no room for YouTube videos because “Bat Trapped in



Steven Spielberg’s historical drama, The Post, couldn’t have come soon enough.

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There’s no doubt that there is an eager audience, salivating to see this type of film, which is seductively creative and more often than not extremely visually alluring.

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LEAP! Review

The voice performers were all excellent for the most part but didn't have much to work with script wise; I couldn’t say whether this is due to bad writing or cultural/linguistic translations, but the version meant for American audiences was bewildering and bloated to say the least.

wind-river 8.5


WIND RIVER is a gripping murder mystery that unravels across stunning landscapes.

Landline - Still 1 7.5


LANDLINE secures its spot as terrific second entry into the Robespierre/Holm repertoire.

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Perhaps one of the most divisive – if not the most divisive – issue in modern American politics is that of abortion. Interviewing advocates from both sides of the reproductive health debates, Birthright: A War Story looks at the history of abortion, recent and ongoing legislation, and the ways in which bureaucracy is wedging itself into the private lives of American citizens.

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Poignant and incredibly funny, The Big Sick is a modern love story directed by Michael Showalter. Showalter, probably best known for his roles in the Wet Hot American Summer franchise, delivers us a solid follow-up to last year’s Hello, My Name is Doris, a similarly funny and endearing story.