Slamdance Studios Announces Partnership with Hulu

The distribution arm of the Slamdance Film Festival, Slamdance Studios, has announced a new partnership with online streaming service Hulu that will bring many of the hits from the festival to your home. To kick things off, 13 titles will be available

BirdsofNeptune 4

Slamdance 2015: BIRDS OF NEPTUNE Review

In the opening scene of Birds of Neptune, high-school senior Rachel (Britt Harris) anxiously waits for her number to be called at a health clinic. We’re pretty sure we know why she’s there, and her reaction driving home makes us certain. There are thoughtfully constructed moments like this sprinkled throughout director Steven Richter’s film, unfortunately they’re few and far between. The pensive tone of the movie is a benefit on the rare occasions the artistry connects, though ultimately this is a quiet movie that doesn’t have a lot to say. When the characters attempt thoughtful conversation, the screenplay reveals its strain for meaning.

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Slamdance 2015: RATTER Review

The advancement of technology has made the world a smaller place than ever, bringing people from all over the globe together in a thriving community where information can be retrieved with the swipe of a finger. The ability to see and interact with friends and loved ones can be achieved almost instantaneously through our cell phones and web cams. With this rapid integration of technology into our personal lives comes the fear that some of this private information is also seen by others.

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Slamdance 2015: FEMALE PERVERT Review

It’s a common occurrence for a film to explore the objectification of women, usually by featuring stereotypical male protagonists whose only goal in life is to repeatedly get laid by as many nameless women as possible. In Female Pervert, writer-director Jiyoung Lee takes this trope and flips it around, focusing on a woman who objectifies the men in her life. This results in a delightfully awkward romp that, while fun, plays it a little too safe.

clinger 5.5

Slamdance 2015: CLINGER Review

Falling in love for the first time can be a beautiful, exciting, and scary thing. To suddenly care so much for another person that you can’t bear the thought of being apart is an overwhelming emotion. While expressing your love and devotion to your significant other is a good thing, sometimes partners can feel smothered, especially when in a new relationship. Michael Steves’ horror-comedy Clinger explores the most extreme version of this concept and achieves varying degrees of success.


Slamdance 2015: Michael Steves’ CLINGER Trailer and Poster

One of the more interesting horror movies screening at this year’s Slamdance Film Festival is Michael StevesClinger. This horror-comedy stars Vincent Martella as a loving boyfriend that becomes a little too overbearing for his lady, played by Jennifer Laporte, even after he’s killed in


Slamdance 2015: 20 YEARS OF MADNESS Clip

A new clip for the upcoming documentary 20 Years of Madness, which takes a look at the popular ’90s Detroit cable access show 30 Minutes of Madness, and catches up with the cast to see where they are now in their lives. The


Slamdance 2015: FEMALE PERVERT Trailer and Clip

Here we have the first trailer and clip from Jiyoung Lee‘s upcoming comedy Female Pervert, which is set to have its premiere at this year’s Slamdance Film Festival in Park City. The film stars Jennifer Kim as Phoebe, a sexually awkward video game


Slamdance 2015: BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS Trailer

The first trailer has been released for the horror-comedy Bloodsucking Bastards, which will be premiering on opening night of this year’s Slamdance Film Festival in Park City. The film revolves around an office slowly being overrun by vampires, and stars Franz Kranz, Pedro

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Slamdance 2015: Competition Slate Announced

The full lineup of films in competition for this year’s Slamdance Film Festival have been announced, with 19 feature films being showcased, 18 of which are world premieres. This year’s fest looks bigger and better than ever with a bunch of entries



If one were to describe Pat Kiely’s latest comedy, Three Night Stand, in one word, that word would be “awkward.”  If one were allowed two words they would be “extremely awkward.”  Fortunately, this extremely awkward comedy mostly works due to the ridiculous, yet hilarious situation the characters find themselves in despite having very few redeeming qualities.

Slamdance Studios to Release Daniel Martinico’s OK, GOOD

Slamdance Studios to Release Daniel Martinico’s OK, GOOD

Slamdance Studios, in partnership with Cinedigm, has announced plans to release Daniel Martinico‘s Ok, Good via VOD November 5th.  The film stars Hugo Armstrong as Paul Kaplan, a struggling actor being pushed to the edge after a series of increasingly demoralizing auditions.