2019 Independent Spirit Award Winners

A day before the Oscars we have a smaller, more interesting (in my opinion) award ceremony with the Independent Spirit Awards. If you’re not watching on IFC or struggling to get the livestream to work on Facebook, you can take a look


Blake’s Top 25 Films of 2018

Every year is a good year for movies. In 2018, I saw well over 100 new releases that I enjoyed. Here are my top 25 of the year, as of now. Apparently to crack my top 10 a film needed to have


Mynt’s Top 10 Films of 2018

A note about this list. I’m largely over the idea of the “best” films list. It’s not that lists aren’t useful, it’s just that I don’t find people collecting the “best” films into a list to be as interesting as people collecting


TOP 50 of 2018 (#50 – #26): ADAM PATTERSON

I usually let Kevin bask in the glory of a top 50 list every year, but there were so many solid titles in 2018, that I decided to make my own list of 50 films I consider to be must-sees.

Today, I’ll


Fantasia 2018: 5 Anticipated Films

First, we took a look at five films to look out for at this year’s Fantasia Festival, now we’re going to highlight five films we’re excited to see in Montreal. There’s a huge number of titles to be excited for this


Fantasia 2018: 5 Films To Watch

Montreal’s Fantasia Festival is almost upon us, and with its large number of great looking selections, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight a few titles we recommend checking out. Fantasia will be taking place July 12th through August


Film Pulse’s Top Movies of 2018 So Far

While there is some overlap in our 2018 mid-year top 10s this year, by and large a wide array of differing films made the cut. This tells us two things- one there are a slew of great films released in the first