40 Anticipated Films of 2020

2020 is looking like a great time for movies and this week on the podcast, Kevin and I sat down to discuss our most anticipated titles supposedly releasing this year. Here are 40 of the films we discussed on the show


Raul’s Top 10 Films of 2019

In what should be our final year-end list, Raul de Leon ranks his top ten movies of 2019. To read all of our year-end lists, click over here.

10. Marriage Story (Noah Bombach)

With an important story for a country with


Chris’ Top 25 Films of 2019

Chris rounds out our year-end releases with his top 25 movies of the year (number 25 may surprise you!). Click here to check out all of our year-end lists.

25. Cats (Tom Hooper)

The first entry in a best-of-the-year list


The Best Performances of 2019

Another year, another opportunity to list the standout performances from throughout the year. Normally, I would break these performances down into two separate groups – male and female – but this year I have opted to include everyone together in the same


Mary’s Top Movies of 2019

The theme for my year-end list, it certainly seems, is that these films were genre breakers for the most part. For those new to Film Pulse, I annually sort my  Top 10 list by “best of” in each category and choose my


Blake’s Top 25 Films of 2019

As the year-end list train rolls on, here are Blake’s top 25 movies of 2019. For more year-end lists click here.

25. The Nightingale (Jennifer Kent)

24. Little Woods (Nia DaCosta)

23. Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Céline Sciamma)



Adam’s Top 25 Films of 2019

As usual, this was a great year for cinema, and while it was difficult to organize a top 25, I knew I could have kept tweaking it for months so I had to just lock it in. My top five was much


Ken’s Top 10 Films of 2019

Continuing with our 2019 list extravaganza, here’s Ken’s top ten movies of 2019. For more thoughts from Ken, be sure to give our year-end podcast a listen here or on your preferred podcast service. To check out everyone’s amazing 2019 lists,

mid-year 2019

Film Pulse’s Top Movies of 2019 So Far

It’s always such a bummer to see the same crop of movies wind up on everyone’s top ten lists, so it pleases me to no end to find this year’s batch of mid-year lists featuring such a wide array of titles. Jordan


Fantasia 2019: 5 Anticipated Films

It’s tough to narrow it down to just five most anticipated films from this year’s Fantasia Festival in Montreal, but here’s my best attempt. With the lineup recently announced, there’s a metric ton of great genre cinema to choose from, but


2019 Academy Award Winners

If you’re not watching the Oscars on ABC tonight at 8PM EST (I don’t blame you), here you can take a look at all the winners as they’re announced. Who’s going to take home a statue in the most contentious