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Cinepocalypse 2018: THE DOMESTICS Review

The Domestics creates an interesting, totally whacked-out environment that recalls many doomsday movies (including Doomsday), but the realized universe and setting of agrarian Wisconsin are original enough, with the marriage drama and political subtext peppering in some flavor along the way.


Japan Cuts 2018 Gets a Trailer

New York’s Japan Cuts Film Festival is gearing up to kick off July 19 -29 and a new trailer has been released today in anticipation. This year’s festival features 28 features and 9 shorts comprised of 3 World Premieres, 3 International Premieres, 11

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Human Rights Watch 2018: WOMEN OF VENEZUELAN CHAOS Review

Powerful, heart-wrenching and vitally important, Margarita Cadenas’ timely documentary Women of Venezuelan Chaos provides an intimate look at the atrocities occurring right now in Venezuela, despite their oppressive government continuously trying to cover it up.


2018 New York Asian Film Festival Gets an Explosive Trailer

Subway Cinema has released the trailer promoting this year’s New York Asian Film Festival, running from June 29 – July 15. The 17th year of the festival, dubbed “The Savage Seventeenth Year,” will feature four world premieres, three international premieres, 21 North American premieres,


Fantasia 2018: Second Wave of Films Announced

Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival has revealed its first wave of films, which include a huge number of must-see titles, not the least of which is Tales From the Hood 2, chosen as one of the opening night selections. Daniel Roby‘s


Cinepocalypse 2018 Announces Lineup

The full lineup has been announced for Chicago’s Cinepocalypse Film Festival, boasting an impressive slate for its sophomore year. Mike P. Nelson‘s The Domestics will be the opening night film, with other highlights including the RKSS film Summer of ’84, and Sonny


2018 New York Asian Film Festival Announces Lineup

The full lineup for the 17th New York Asian Film Festival has been announced, with 58 films from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

The opening night film will be Tominaga Masanori’s Dynamite Graffiti, with the


2018 Japan Cuts Announces Lineup

The lineup for this year’s Japan Cuts Film Festival in New York has been announced, with over 30 great-looking films screening July 19-29 at NYC’s Japan Society. Eric Khoo‘s Ramen Shop will be opening the fest, with a few other highlights including the

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DWF 2018: TILL DEATH Review

With its murky black-and-white visuals, Matt Eames’ thriller Till Death presents an interesting premise, but, while it aims for Hitchcock-ian suspense, it falls short due to its lackluster script and drab characters.

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Sundance 2018: THE CATCHER WAS A SPY Review

Woven together as they are, without contextualization or a more dramatic arc, what’s left is only a somewhat interesting story about a somewhat interesting man that fizzles out with a somewhat of a whimper.

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While American Animals might be as ambitious as The Imposter, it fails to hit the same levels of brilliance though it remains an entertaining watch.