Peter Brunner’s TO THE NIGHT Gets a Trailer

A new trailer has been released for Peter Brunner‘s To The Night starring Caleb Landry Jones. In the film, Jones plays a man who, during his childhood, lived through a horrific fire that left him psychologically scarred and unable to start a


Fantasia 2018: Final Wave of Films Announced

Montreal’s Fantasia Fest just announced their final wave of films, and if you didn’t already think this year was packed to the brim with great looking titles, they just dumped another huge list of films. Panos CosmatosMandy has been

Cop-Baby-3 5.5

Cinepocalypse 2018: THE COP BABY Review

The Copy Baby is the type of movie that has the potential to lean heavily toward either a sardonic cult hit or a tepid waste of an opportunity, and unfortunately it falls into the latter category. No doubt some will have fun with its PG-13 take on what is typically designed as a family film, but with its eye-rolling conclusion.

emptahy inc 3 7

Cinepocalypse 2018: EMPATHY, INC. Review

Our world is in desperate need of more empathy, but the commoditized version presented in the thought-provoking Empathy, Inc. probably isn’t the way go, even if it were possible.

The-Devils-Doorway-BTS-picture-2 8

Cinepocalypse 2018: THE DEVIL’S DOORWAY Review

The boxy aspect ratio with rounded corners, 16mm sheen that makes each frame look like a historic photograph, and believable issues with sound – like occasionally muffled dialogue – also act as pleasing counterbalances to the typical found-footage tricks.

DOM_01426.ARW 7.5

Cinepocalypse 2018: THE DOMESTICS Review

The Domestics creates an interesting, totally whacked-out environment that recalls many doomsday movies (including Doomsday), but the realized universe and setting of agrarian Wisconsin are original enough, with the marriage drama and political subtext peppering in some flavor along the way.


Japan Cuts 2018 Gets a Trailer

New York’s Japan Cuts Film Festival is gearing up to kick off July 19 -29 and a new trailer has been released today in anticipation. This year’s festival features 28 features and 9 shorts comprised of 3 World Premieres, 3 International Premieres, 11

Women-of-the-Venezuelan-Chaos-1600x900-c-default 7.5

Human Rights Watch 2018: WOMEN OF VENEZUELAN CHAOS Review

Powerful, heart-wrenching and vitally important, Margarita Cadenas’ timely documentary Women of Venezuelan Chaos provides an intimate look at the atrocities occurring right now in Venezuela, despite their oppressive government continuously trying to cover it up.


2018 New York Asian Film Festival Gets an Explosive Trailer

Subway Cinema has released the trailer promoting this year’s New York Asian Film Festival, running from June 29 – July 15. The 17th year of the festival, dubbed “The Savage Seventeenth Year,” will feature four world premieres, three international premieres, 21 North American premieres,