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Any movie aiming to dramatize the laborious nature of film production inevitably strikes upon the same universally accepted truism about the onerous process that has brought many a film crew to the point of despair. For those with any production experience, it


Fantasia 2022: Award Winners Announced

This year’s Fantasia Festival is still chugging along in its second week and today the award winners have been announced. Karim Ouelhaj‘s Megalomaniac picked up Best Feature, with July Jung winning Best Director for Next Sohee.

Take a look below for the


Fantasia 2022: Roundup Part 1

Montreal’s Fantasia Festival is officially underway and although we’re only finishing up the first week, I already caught a handful of discussion-worthy titles. Below you’ll find my thoughts about the South Korean dark comedy Next Door, the wilderness horror


Fantasia 2022: 10 Anticipated Titles

Montreal’s Fantasia Festival has rapidly become one of my all-time favorite film festivals, so much so that it’s brought me out of a writing hiatus to bring you five titles I’m most excited for. Narrowing this down to just ten has been


SXSW 2022: SOFT & QUIET Review

In a secluded room above a church, a group of posh and affluent white women sip tea and eat dessert while making polite conversation. Then, like a switch being flipped, casting all their pleasantries into a new light, school teacher Emily (Stefanie

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The still relatively new phenomenon of YouTube fame has brought about a new breed of celebrity with the platform’s ascension to the upper echelons of popular media and, with it, new inquiry into the accountability of the YouTuber star. While it might

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The slapstick, heavy-found-footage horror Deadstream works much better as a sendup of exploitative YouTuber culture than as a Raimi-esque horror comedy.

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The world of professional skateboarding during its ascendance into mainstream popularity inarguably has the aura of an insulated “boys club,” born out of and maintained within California. For those not entrenched in the skating community, the likelihood of their familiarity with any

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Video game adaptations are often a precarious prospect when it comes to transitioning to the big screen; studios can’t seem to get the transition right, either losing sight of – or perhaps just not recognizing – what makes the game so successful


Fantastic Fest 2021: THE TIMEKEEPERS OF ETERNITY Review

I have no idea what compelled director Aristotelis Maragkos to remix the 1995 TV miniseries The Langoliers, but I’m very glad he did because this is certainly one of the most unique storytelling methods I’ve experienced this year, and it’s one that


Fantastic Fest 2021: NAME ABOVE TITLE Review

From its alluring and tragic opening minutes, wherein a young woman commits suicide while nearby a serial killer claims his next victim, it quickly becomes evident that Carlos Conceição’s giallo-infused thriller Name Above Title is going to be far from your typical


Fantastic Fest 2021: THIS IS GWAR Review

Even if you’re not familiar with their discography, you’ve probably at least seen some of the antics of metal band GWAR, specifically their wild stage shows. Scott Barber’s documentary, This is GWAR, aims to present the definitive history of the band, highlighting


Nightstream 2021: Full Lineup Announced

The second Nightstream Virtual Film Festival is about to be upon us and earlier today the full lineup was announced. Once again, this collaboration from the country’s best genre film festivals (Boston Underground, Brooklyn Horror, North Bend, and Overlook) is bringing us

Glasshouse-5 6.5

Fantastic Fest 2021: GLASSHOUSE Review

Initially playing out like a post-apocalyptic version of The Beguiled, Kelsey Egan’s Glasshouse quickly comes into its own with its intriguing world-building and exquisite production design. Although its final reveals will likely divide audiences and take some time to process, it remains

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Fantastic Fest 2021: V/H/S/94 Review

It’s been seven years since we saw the last entry in the popular anthology horror series V/H/S, and it seems that it was taking a much-needed break, as it’s back with its most astute offering yet, V/H/S/94. Composed of four segments along