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Tension abounds in writer/director Theodore Collatos’s latest feature, Tormenting the Hen, as nearly every discussion and/or interaction is laced with potential avenues providing offense and/or judgments, even the more inconspicuous and trivial subjects up for discussion harbor the possibility of illuminating surprising truths and viewpoints. With his script, Collatos has crafted a proverbial minefield for his characters to navigate, one that is laden with opportunities to weaponize any and all words and the hazards of crafting conclusions about others with incomplete information.


Kickstart Sunday: ADA

This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from director Eleanore Pienta and her upcoming comedic short Ada. Shot on glorious super 16mm, this film stars Pienta as an unlikable competitive walker who has an unfortunate run-in with a hose. Intrigued? I

SB2 8.5


In his debut, Cameron Bruce Nelson has managed to present an effective portrait of humility in slow burn, a case study on the matter of adaptability as the nature of Sal’s situation remains in a constant state of flux, trying in earnest to readjust until finally realizing that he may not belong or be able to make do as nature decisively states its dominance emphatically. A bittersweet tale occupying the margins of the in between, in between the dusk of unrealized, cast off dreams and the threshold of promise and new beginnings.


Kickstart Sunday: BOY FROM WAR

This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from director Usama Alshaibi and his upcoming 6th feature, Boy From War. This animated memoir will take a look at Alshaibi’s youth escaping Iraq and growing up in Iowa’s punk scene in the 1980s.

Short Film: John Wilson’s THE ROAD TO MAGNASANTI

Having recently screened at this year’s New York Film Festival, John Wilson‘s latest short form documentary, The Road to Magnasanti is available to stream through his Vimeo channel. If you’re familiar with Wilson’s work you’ll have an idea of what to expect


GEOSTORM And The Beautiful Mess of Disaster Films

The critics at the Cahiers Du Cinema had a practice in the first decades of the magazine to let admirers of a given director review that director’s films. The thought was to give those with the best chance of seeing a film’s



In this entertaining and oddly timely short film, director Andrew Laurich tells the story of an unlikely assassin who heads back in time to take down Hitler in A Study in Tyranny. Equal parts comedy and think piece, this well-shot black and


Fantastic Fest 2017: Satellite Fest Titles Announced

One of the more exciting things about this year’s Fantastic Fest (and believe me there are a TON of exciting things) is the announcement that the festival will be branching out of Austin and screening select films at satellite locations

Short Film: FALL

This week’s short film pick comes to us from director Claire Hanrahan and her nasty little thriller Fall. This 6-minute short revolves around a girl getting revenge on her neighbor who used her to cheat on a spelling test. Boy, kids can


Short Film: DEBIT WOLF

This week’s short film pick comes to us from director Chris Shields and his film Debit Wolf. Waking up on a park bench, a woman finds her hands covered in blood, not knowing what happened or how she got there. Through a series