Fantasia 2018: 5 Anticipated Films

First, we took a look at five films to look out for at this year’s Fantasia Festival, now we’re going to highlight five films we’re excited to see in Montreal. There’s a huge number of titles to be excited for this


Fantasia 2018: 5 Films To Watch

Montreal’s Fantasia Festival is almost upon us, and with its large number of great looking selections, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight a few titles we recommend checking out. Fantasia will be taking place July 12th through August


Film Pulse’s Top Movies of 2018 So Far

While there is some overlap in our 2018 mid-year top 10s this year, by and large a wide array of differing films made the cut. This tells us two things- one there are a slew of great films released in the first



Girls Always Happy is at once light and breezy, much in the way that Wu (Yang) maneuvers through the alleyways on her scooter, while also being acerbic and gloomy as its lightness is intermittently pulled towards the latter, attaining a certain poignancy therein.


Ken’s 2018 Oscar Predictions

We’ve arrived at the end of one of the most tumultuous awards seasons in quite some time. While many of the races have been sewn up, some are only deceptively safe, while others – including Best Picture – remain quite visibly

Short Film: ROSIE, OH

Just over two years ago we highlighted a project on our Kickstart Sunday feature called Rosie, Oh from directors Apple Xenos and Andy Koeger and now, thanks to PBS’s Film School Shorts, the short is available to stream for free. Filmed in one shot,



We sat down with independent filmmaker Zach Fleming to discuss his latest short, Staycation (available to stream). We also go a bit deeper, further discussing his other works, the supernatural, and some of his film's themes.


Film Pulse’s Worst of 2017

Sure, there were a ton of great releases this year, but like everything else in 2017 there were a few piles of hot garbage. Here we have the Film Pulse team’s picks for the worst movies they’ve seen this year.

We’ll start


Adam’s Top 25 Films of 2017

2017 was a great year for movies, with a big number of good releases and a handful of great releases. As usual I had a difficult time whittling my list down to a manageable number and I was rearranging titles up until


Blake’s Top 25 Films of 2017

Next up in our year-end wrap-up is Blake Crane‘s top 25 films of 2017.

1. The Florida Project – In a year marked by cultural callousness, The Florida Project offers humanity. It’s heartbreaking but hopeful and urges understanding of those existing


Chris’ Top 20 Films of 2017

Continuing our year-end list extravaganza is Chris Luciantonio‘s top 20 films of 2017.

20. Okja – Finding himself on a tonal balancing act yet again in his career, Bong Joon-ho surprised me and anyone else who has followed the Korean master’s