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DAVID LYNCH: THE ART LIFE Criterion Blu-ray Review

I love the work of David Lynch, and while I did find this film to be an interesting watch, the Criterion Collection is a project aimed to gather and preserve important pieces of cinema; I just don’t think this release fits within that mold.

Taron crop 5.5


The Golden Circle still has its set pieces and its jaw-dropping moments of high-octane action and choreography, but I was stuck on whether or not we needed this much more of it in the grand scheme of things.

friend_request 3


Wholly derivative and focusing on tedium rather than authentic scares, or even a point, Friend Request benignly works through the beats of its supernatural social media premise.

Thirst_Street_Poster_Hi-Res_Theatrical_860 6.5


Grief and loss can push people to extremes, and Nathan Silver’s Thirst Street, co-written with C. Mason Wells, showcases a psychological character study of a flight attendant named Gina (played by Lindsay Burdge) who decides to make a new life for herself in Paris. A one-night stand with bartender Jérôme (Damien Bonnard) precipitates this decision, and her adoration for him leads to some undesirable outcomes.

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With such a clunky script, it’s all window-dressing for a rather empty interior.

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Tiff 2017: MY DAYS OF MERCY Review

A romantic drama about the death penalty is a hard concept to pull off, but the film handles the dual conflict of Lucy’s relationship with her father and her relationship with Mercy with a lot of grace.

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Tiff 2017: DOWNRANGE Review

Downrange isn’t exactly revolutionary, but if you’re in the mood for a solid piece of genre filmmaking from a stylish director, there are worse ways to spend 90 minutes.


Tiff 2017: MOLLY’S GAME Review

I honestly don’t know if he could have made a film that was more Sorkineque without fleecing the cast of his old shows and having a cameo from Mark Zuckerberg and the Winkelvii.

Fugue3 6.5

FUGUE Review

Now available to stream via NoBudge.com

In Fugue, the latest feature-length from director Jorge Torres-Torres, we are met with the present existence of a young woman, Claire (Sophie Traub), on a foreign island,

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Tiff 2017: KISSING CANDICE Review

Irish Director Aoife McArdle's debut feature film, Kissing Candice, features a bored girl living in Ireland who is dreaming of a more exciting life with an exciting man away from her awful town.

RAT FILM • Still 3 4.5


I was too distracted by Anthony's treatment of his subjects (both rats and otherwise) to really engage with this high-concept approach to this dreary movie about animal cruelty.